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Produced by Clutch and J. Robbins at Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore, MD, “El Rojo” will be the first full tilt release from THE BAKERTON GROUP, the psychedelic instrumental jazz-laden alter ego of Clutch (all 4 original Clutch members make up The Bakerton Group). In addition, Per Wiberg from Opeth was brought in to handle all piano, synth and keyboard duties on all 10 of “El Rojo’s” tracks.

With a talent for wordplay that can be as head-spinning as it is disturbing, and a knack for incessant sing-song choruses that suggest he might've thrived in a Brill Building cubicle, Eminem crams hugely popular songs with more internal rhymes and lyrical trickery than anyone else in contemporary pop. His most recent Number One, "The Monster," features bonkers couplets like "Straw into gold chump, I will spin/Rumpelstiltskin in a haystack/Maybe I need a straight jacket, face facts." Like his character in the 2002 biopic 8 Mile , Eminem honed his formidable skills in Detroit rap battles, then polished his rhymes in the studio over springy Dr. Dre tracks that gave him room to freak out as agilely and aggressively as he liked. "Even as a kid, I always wanted the most words to rhyme," Eminem told Rolling Stone . "Say I saw a word like 'transcendalistic tendencies.' I would write it out on a piece of paper and underneath, I'd line a word up with each syllable: 'and bend all mystic sentence trees.' Even if it didn't make sense, that's the kind of drill I would do to practice."

In one such arrangement, see Figure , the pump is supplied from a closed tank in which the level is held constant. The Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA) is adjusted by either varying the air or gas pressure over the liquid, varying the temperature of the liquid, or both. This arrangement tends to strip the liquid of dissolved air or gas. It is also acceptable to test with a closed loop without the closed tank on the suction side.

In the early 1970s, astronomer Vera Rubin and colleagues at the Carnegie Institution for Science attached this instrument to several large telescopes to analyze distant spiral galaxies. What they found would change our understanding of the universe: The galaxies’ outer arms were rotating at velocities that should have made their stars fly away—but didn’t. The only explanation, Rubin decided, was that the galaxies contained far more mass than we could see. It was the strongest evidence yet for the existence of dark matter, now believed to make up percent of all the stuff that exists.

Extended trials at Odessa military district were held and revealed that round with such aggressively sloping case wall have presented a number of challenges when adopted to full-auto rifles. The use of new more energetic Сф033фл powder has allowed case volume and case-head diameter to be reduced without detrimental effects to the round’s performance. Project for reduction of the case dimensions was performed by engineering team of Lidia Ivanovna Bulavskaya. At the final stages of design finalization (performed by TsNIITochMash at city of Klimovsk) new more compact round was assigned nomenclature index – 13МЖВ. Following finalization of a bullet design (performed by manufacturing and production technology specialist – Mikhail Yegorovich Fedorov) new caliber of a bullet was designated as , measured (in accordance to USSR weapon standards) across the lands of the bore.

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Various - UTM Raw Grooves