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In the first half of February 1962, Jardine left the band and was replaced by Marks. The band recorded two more originals on April 19 at Western Studios, Los Angeles: "Lonely Sea" and " 409 ". They also re-recorded " Surfin' Safari ". [ citation needed ] During early 1962, Morgan requested that some of the members add vocals to a couple of instrumental tracks that he had recorded with other musicians. This led to the creation of the short-lived group Kenny & the Cadets, which Brian led under the pseudonym "Kenny". The other members were Carl, Jardine, and the Wilsons' mother Audree. [nb 3]

REVIEW:  The Beach Boys' first unique UK Greatest Hits package that wasn't a variation on the previous US releases was this interesting compilation that showed a different, maturing sound of the band, which coincided with their rise in popularity in the UK, while their . fortunes were declining.   Featuring only a handful of their . hits, a significant portion of the track line-up consisted of post- Pet Sounds cuts, and presented the band as a much more varied, contemporary-sounding group than their . image allowed.  "Bluebirds Over The Mountain", "Cottonfields," "Do It Again," "Darlin'," "I Can Hear Music," and "Wild Honey" all get heard here, while the cover photo showed the band in their late-60s "beard" image, more in line with the changing styles of the times.  Add to that - the album contained a generous amount of music in its sixteen tracks, and no wonder the Beach Boys were gaining favor overseas. Capitol should've put this much thought and care into their stateside releases.

Beach Boys, The - Surfer GirlBeach Boys, The - Surfer GirlBeach Boys, The - Surfer GirlBeach Boys, The - Surfer Girl